Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Island of the Sequined Love Nun (1997) is the fourth novel by Christopher Moore.

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Take a wonderfully crazed excursion into the demented heart of a tropical paradise -- a world of cargo cults, cannibals, mad scientists, ninjas, and talking fruit bats. Our bumbling hero is Tucker Case, a hopeless geek trapped in a cool guys body, who makes a living as a pilot for the Mary Jean Cosmetics Corporation. But when he demolishes his bosss pink plane during a drunken airborne liaison, Tuck must run for his life from Mary Jeans goons. Now theres only one employment opportunity left for him: piloting shady secret missions for an unscrupulous medical missionary and a sexy blond high priestess on the remotest of Micronesian hells. Here is a brazen, ingenious, irreverent, and wickedly funny novel from a modern master of the outrageous.

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Tucker Case


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The main character, Tuck (Tucker Case), a pilot for a cosmetics company, crashes the company plane while making love. Although this event causes Tuck to be blacklisted from flying in the States, he receives and accepts a lucrative offer from a doctor-missionary on a remote Micronesian island to transport cargo to and from Japan. Along with a male Filipino transvestite navigator and a talking fruit bat, Tuck moves to the island, where he eventually uncovers a horrible secret harbored by the doctor and his wife, who have taken advantage of fact that the natives of the island have fallen under the influence of a cargo cult that developed as a result of establishment by Allies of an air runway there during World War II. Tuck's shock at the gruesome immorality of the situation leads to a adventurous and suspenseful climax.

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