King's Lake is a body of water located in the desert of Nevada. It appeared one day and at the same time, appeared on every map of Nevada that had ever been printed. This caused confusion for people that had been to that part of the state but never remembered the lake being there before.

After the defeat of the demon, Catch, the King of the Djinn Gian Hen Gian left Pine Cove with Augustus Brine and Rachel Henderson. It was after this that King's Lake appeared.

Along with the lake and its tree-lined banks, there is a 100 room palace with a large electric sign that reads "Brine's Bait, Tackle, and Fine Women." Visitors to the palace report that they are greeted by a dark-haired woman who takes them to their room. When they left, a small brown man returned their money. Unfortunately, visitors can never recall exactly what went on during their visit to the palace, but they do report a newfound sense of contentment and happiness. Additionally, visitors would tell of a white-haired man that sat in the lotus position all day on a pier in front of the palace. He simply smoked his pipe and fished. At the end of the day, the dark-haired woman would join him and they would watch the sunset together. (Practical Demonkeeping)

Later, while Sam Hunter, Coyote, and Calliope are trying to rescue Calliope's son, Grubb, they find themselves at Satori Japanese Auto Repair near King's Lake. The shop is run by two monks, one called The Master and a younger one called Steve. When asked how the monks subsist with so little business, Steve tells them that the owner of King's Lake, Augustus Brine, charges them no rent and brings them food to eat. (Coyote Blue)

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