San Junipero County is the home to Pine Cove and the town of San Junipero. The county is served by the local Technical College as well as the San Junipero County Sheriff's Office.

San Junipero County Sheriff's Office Edit

While trying to track down the suspected drug dealer The Breeze, the Sheriff's office stumbles into the strange events that center on the strange outsider Travis O'Hearn.

Members of the San Junipero County Sheriff's Office Edit

  • Detective Sergeant Alphonso Rivera (Practical Demonkeeping)
  • Chief Technical Sergeant Irving Nailsworth (Practical Demonkeeping)
  • Deputy Perez (Practical Demonkeeping)
  • Deputy DeForest (Practical Demonkeeping)

Other Notable Locations Edit

  • The Nuked Whale ( (Practical Demonkeeping) - The "premiere" college dance club. A favorite of The Breeze for picking up young co-eds from the nearby Technical College.
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