You Suck

You Suck: A Love Story (2007) is the tenth novel by Christopher Moorne. It is the second book in the Vampire Trilogy.

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Nineteen-year old C. Thomas Flood - Tommy, to his friends - has a problem. He slept with his incredibly hot girlfriend, Jody. That's a problem? Well, Jody is a vampire. And now, Tommy is too. Following his unexpected initiation into San Francisco's most alternative lifestyle, Tommy sees that an undead existence requires some speedy adaptation. First, his new improved vampire senses make him quickly realize how bad most people smell. (Make that all people.) Second - it'll just make sense to keep a local wino handy for late-night snacks (you need to keep an eye on those blood sugar levels). Third - it's now easy to talk a young Goth girl into working as your personal gofer and aide-de-camp as long as she can tell her friends she's a "Tortured Victim of the Daylight Dwellers," so darned full of foreboding and dread that all skeezy mortals will just, OMG, scurry before her dazzling darkness. But, while Tommy's learning all this, he must avoid the police; as well as the centuries-old vampire who started the trouble in the first place by turning Jody, and who now wants to pick up where he left off.

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C. Thomas Flood

Abby Normal

Other Characters Edit

The Emperor of San Francisco

Bummer and Lazarus



Foo dog (steve)


The Animals

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San Francisco

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The story of You Suck continues directly from Bloodsucking Fiends. Jody, a newly minted vampire, has remained in San Francisco despite her promise to the police to move away after the previous incidents. Tommy, her boyfriend, is shocked at the beginning of the sequel to discover that Jody has "turned" him (i.e., made him a vampire) -- hence the title of the novel, although she explains that she did it so that they could be together forever. They struggle to survive and to maintain their relationship despite the efforts of others to eliminate them.

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